10 Ways to Live Rich and Spend Smart in 2014


Living rich does not mean mindless spending. 2014 is about getting back on track and making smart spending decisions that allow us to live rich lives everyday.


Here are 10 ways to live rich and spend smart in the new year:

1. Return to debit-only spending and avoid overspending on credit cards.

2. Give a small, homemade gift spontaneously to a loved one, just to show them how much you care about them. Check out this Pinterest board by Saving by Design for some ideas!

3. Smartly make purchases for experiences, rather than accumulating stuff. For example, book reservations with Open Table and strategically use those points for great date nights with your significant other!

4. Attend a free yoga class! Nothing says relax and rejunventation in the near year like a downward dog. Here are a list of websites that offer free (or dirt cheap) yoga classes.

5. File your taxes by Feb. 1st to avoid the inevitable last minute anxiety of rushing in April. Then put your tax refund into a savings account, rather than spending it!

6. Pay off your credit cards (for real this time)! There is no better way to build wealth than to get out of debt. Use an online tool like Ready for Zero to pay them down.

7. Cancel those magazine subscriptions for those unread magazines. Saving even $20 annually on each is meaningful.

8. Make 3 simple new years resolutions, and actually keep them. Here are GoGirlFinance’s 6 steps to make sure you keep your resolutions.

9. Boost your creativity. Improving creativity allows you to access your rich, most creative mindspace to help you solve problems better.  Here are 9 ways to generate new ideas by Wisebread.

10. Volunteer one hour a month for a charity or non-profit that supports a cause that is important to you. You will not only enrich your life, but enrich the lives of others. VolunteerMatch is a great, simple way to find a cause you care about.




Written by Julianna of Moven. Follow her at @jbatistaa.com.


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