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How to Give a Mindful Gift


Even if you have planned, made lists, and started shopping for your loved ones already, there comes a moment during the whirlwind and heightened emotions of the holiday season when we find ourselves making impulsive, reactive, and unconscious spending choices.  We are often swept up in the mood, and hectic pace, of the season and can easily loose our bearings. Keep reading


How to stay in the black this Black Friday and stop overspending


Black Friday arrives in just a few short days. But the way consumers will pile debt on their credit cards like never before, you have to wonder why they don’t call it Red Friday.

Accenture estimates that this holiday season, Americans will spend 11 percent more on gifts, or $646, as the appeal of Black Friday reaches a five-year high. But that’s not the only thing going up: NerdWallet’s 2013 estimates (based on Federal Reserve statistics) show that the average U.S. household credit card debt now stands at $15,159. That’s a 4.2 percent jump from 2012, when it was $14,517.

To make sure your spending doesn’t add to your debt load this holiday, you’ll need to put at least as much thought into your spending plan as your shopping list. Here are six steps to make sure you stay in the black this Black Friday and beyond. Keep reading

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