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Wait… I actually have to make a plan?

Wait… I actually have to make a plan?


Navigating through our financial life is a lot like navigating across country by car. First, you have to determine your destination. Next you have to determine where you will stop in between. Then you evaluate the different routes that will get you to those stops, and eventually, you reach your final destination. The alternative is to simply hop in the car and head out on a road trip and see where we end up. Keep reading

Holy Eff I’m Poor


I’m a 20-something living in Manhattan. I work in finance, don’t have a drug problem and yet my bank account balance says $70 dollars and it’s only the 5th of the month.

How exactly did this happen? Tasti D lite, US Weekly, manicures and cabs. It all adds up. Keep reading

i heart my job


There are several reasons why I lovvve walking into the bouncy ball loving, toy airplane flying office of Movenbank every single day. Here are those reasons.

1. Everyone is really F#@$ing passionate. And I’m not talking passionate like you read about on some cheesy motivational sign. I mean everyone genuinely loves what they do and believes in the product they’re building. Keep reading

Recipe for changing the world


Have an idea you believe in that solves a big problem? It all starts with an idea and a passion to solve a problem. Then it’s a game of hard work and force of will to make it come alive.


No one cares about your idea


We all think our ideas are godsends.

You have that ‘Ah Ha’ moment when it all makes sense and you’ve figured out a way to change the world and you’re on your way to a billion dollar business or winning the Noble Prize. You then launch your idea out to the world and no one uses it. Ok, maybe 100 people do. Keep reading

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