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Holy Eff I’m Poor


I’m a 20-something living in Manhattan. I work in finance, don’t have a drug problem and yet my bank account balance says $70 dollars and it’s only the 5th of the month.

How exactly did this happen? Tasti D lite, US Weekly, manicures and cabs. It all adds up. Keep reading

i heart my job


There are several reasons why I lovvve walking into the bouncy ball loving, toy airplane flying office of Movenbank every single day. Here are those reasons.

1. Everyone is really F#@$ing passionate. And I’m not talking passionate like you read about on some cheesy motivational sign. I mean everyone genuinely loves what they do and believes in the product they’re building. Keep reading

No one cares about your idea


We all think our ideas are godsends.

You have that ‘Ah Ha’ moment when it all makes sense and you’ve figured out a way to change the world and you’re on your way to a billion dollar business or winning the Noble Prize. You then launch your idea out to the world and no one uses it. Ok, maybe 100 people do. Keep reading

Recipe for changing the world


Have an idea you believe in that solves a big problem? It all starts with an idea and a passion to solve a problem. Then it’s a game of hard work and force of will to make it come alive.


Design in context: Using big data to change small behaviors


This is the first in a series of posts entitled Design In Context, written by members of Movenbank’s User Experience team. This first post is written by Steve Fors, Head of User Experience, Movenbank.

I’m like a lot of Americans—I take pride in working hard, do my best to pay my bills on time, and hope to have enough money to live comfortably when I retire. Keep reading

When is a bank not a bank?


When is a bank not a bank?

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is whether Move-and-Bank is a bank or not. Well, let’s just set the record straight. From a regulatory perspective, we don’t have a banking charter (some call this a banking license), so we’re technically not a bank. We don’t have a charter because it gets incredibly complicated and expensive, which is the reason hardly any new banks have launched globally in the last few decades. Keep reading

CRED launches and we get funded!


After months of wireframe sketching, intense coding, late night dinners at Mandoo Bar, and copious amounts of Starbucks and Gregory’s Coffee, Movenbank has launched our latest version of our website complete with our proprietary CRED relationship and credibility score. We’re also delighted to announce our latest funding round, because it means that our coders can finally pay their rents on time – no more sleeping on the office floor! Keep reading

Brett King named ‘Innovator of the Year’ by American Banker and Bank Technology News Magazine


Brett King, renowned author of BANK 2.0 and CEO and Founder of Movenbank, was this month named the Top Innovator of the Year for 2012 by American Banker in the Bank Technology News “Annual Innovators of the Year” edition. The “Innovator of the Year” Award is chosen by the editors of American Banker’s Bank Technology News with input from a select group of experts in the field of financial services and banking. Keep reading

Movenbank introduces cashless, teller-less digital branch


In response to the strong demand for us to compete with the main street branch players, our recent efforts at crowdsourcing our business model has led us to investigate a revolutionary new form of branch for the US and UK markets. The new branches which we at Movenbank simply call ‘the space’ is designed to give our rapidly growing customer base the comfort of a branch environment, without many of the overheads of a traditional branch. Keep reading

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