Do You Know Your MoneyPersonality?


One of the most wonderful and exciting things about our world is that we are all unique. We have different needs, strengths, goals and desires.

But what’s not so great is that financial institutions have been treating us as if we are all carbon copies of the same customer.

Awareness: the Ultimate Secret Financial Weapon

We think that it’s high time that we start celebrating our differences and getting to know ourselves as individuals – especially when it comes to finances. Having a solid understanding of our strengths and weaknesses can help us gain control of our finances and stay on our unique financial wellness path.

Self-awareness is one of the most important tools in your financial kit. When you have an understanding of how your emotions, experience and circumstances affect your financial habits will help you put in a place a plan to manage your money in a way that makes sense for you.

In order to help you on your financial wellness journey, the Moven team put together a quick and easy quiz based on factors like conscientiousness and control to help you determine your MoneyPersonality and make smart choices for your life.

Here is a sneak peak of the nine unique personality types — can you guess which one you might be?

5entreprenuer The Entrepreneur

Fortunately for you, you believe in yourself and in spite of certain bumps in the road, have proven to be successful.  In review, your finances are solid, and the forecast for your future looks bright. Just like the larger companies out there, you are always looking after your bottom line. Although you may not be in the red (or even the yellow), as a self-starter, you know you can always be doing something more.

7artist The Artist

You treat your finances like you treat your art, but unfortunately your checkbook does have boundaries (unless you are a descendent of Picasso). More bad news: you can’t paint a picture of money and use it to pay your rent.

2professor The Professor

You look awesome in your plaid blazer and Warby Parkers. Not only do you look the part but you’re an expert in everything money: you’re rarely stumped by a financial decision, and when you are, you know how to find the right answer. Although you may be able to speak conceptually about money, knowing how manage it is another story.

3accountant The Accountant

Diligent, responsible and, we’re assuming always on time, you run your finances, they don’t run you. When you are not crunching numbers, you are planning for the future and/or investing with a conservative risk profile. A disciplined David (or Debbie) by nature, every step of yours is calculated. You’re in complete control, always ready for today and whatever tomorrow might bring.

4rockstar The Rockstar

Although we want to be your friend and borrow your metallic pants, we don’t really want to share our piggy bank with you. While you may have fame, fortune has not been so kind. When the music stops and the curtain goes down, you wonder if you even have enough cash to make it to your next gig. The good news Billy Joel? It doesn’t have to be this way. You are actually in control of your life, and the right tools will help you gain control of your finances. (thank God because you just bought a pack of gum on your Amex) and simple tools to help you gain control of your finances.

6officer The Officer

Rules, order and discipline are what make your world go round (sans when you are in front of the donut shop). The word rigid would be an understatement. With your navy uniform and sweet ride, you are constantly reminding everyone you are the boss. Just remember, rules change constantly and to stay the boss, you need to stay on top of your finances.

8breadwinner The Breadwinner

Providing for your family is of the utmost importance. You are part of a long legacy of bootstrappers. You are mindful of your finances, but do not constrain yourself to strict financial rules. You live for the weekend and family and living life takes precedence over working with spreadsheets. Even though you try to be responsible with your money, you may be resentful of those that manage to maintain wealth and financial independence without discipline. It sometimes seems that financial security is a matter of fortune than hard work. You may often feel helpless when it comes to your financial situation and don’t always feel that you’re fully equipped to deal with the issues you face.

1salesman The Salesperson

You know every dollar you have earned is a result of your hard work. You walk tall (and if popped collars were in, yours would certainly be popped) because a) image is everything (duh) and b) you are proud of your success. You know that whatever you have in life you have gotten yourself but sometimes you wonder (in the privacy of your own home) if you’re really coming out ahead. You are in desperate need of a secretary (or admin to be politically correct) to help you get organized.

9trader The Trader

Although you talk the talk, you tend to rely on external forces to make your decisions, instead of yourself.  No matter how calculated a trade may seem, it’s uncertain whether you’ll end up ahead or behind. Let’s not repeat 2008 and let a bad decision (or two) change your financial well-being. How you wonder? By remembering you are in control. Remember: unlike your bank, you know you’re not too big to fail.

Haven’t quite figured out which personality type you are, yet? Head on over to Moven’s Facebook page and take the quiz!

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