Get Moven: Why We Dropped Bank From Our Name


We live in a great nation.

One of the strongest and wealthiest in the world. And though the great recession knocked us down, we were never out for the count. We took extraordinary measures to save our banks and what has emerged from that effort, and been a long time coming, is a new way to think about our money.

Just recently some of us sat down to talk shop with our peers at a few of the big banks. We were discussing how the industry needs to adapt to the needs of a new digital generation when they made a very revealing comment; in their most recent customer interactions they often found that telling someone you work for a big bank was the equivalent of saying “Hi, f%*! you.”

Pretty harsh words, but the reality is that Americans have lost faith in a number of institutionsincluding the large national banks. In fact, this marks the third straight year that the financial industry is the least trusted industry in the United States.

That is why we have made it our mission to tear down and completely rebuild the way you connect with your money. 

We’ve always believed that banking is not a place you go, but something you do. When was the last time you ever visited a branch or used a bank teller?  That is why we are rethinking everything to better fit the social, mobile and digital landscape you know well.

We’ve declared publicly that we should always align with and never be opposed to your best interests.  When was the last time your bank gave you real insights about your financial choices? That is why we are building innovative tools so you can make better money decisions and improve your financial health.

What’s in a name?  We know that our original name, Movenbank, did not fully capture our revolutionary vision for the future of banking.  In fact, it may have even confused.  It forced our customers to reference what banking is instead of what it will and should, be.  And so, as with every choice we make, we responded to the needs of our most important asset — you.

That is why from now on we are just Moven.  We’re about progress, mobility, change.

The first application that empowers your smartphone as the primary payment device and provides immediate feedback with every spending decision. The first service to integrate money with your life with the goal of making you better at both.

It’s not just making it simple. It’s changing the way you relate to your money. It’s Moven.

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