i heart my job


There are several reasons why I lovvve walking into the bouncy ball loving, toy airplane flying office of Movenbank every single day. Here are those reasons.

1. Everyone is really F#@$ing passionate. And I’m not talking passionate like you read about on some cheesy motivational sign. I mean everyone genuinely loves what they do and believes in the product they’re building.

2. I’m always inspired by someone new. I never leave the office without being influenced by someone’s sheer talent, ambition, or cojones to try something new.

3. Even the old people like house music.

4. Everyone is insatiably curious and always on the hunt to learn and know more.

5. We all like each other. And it’s rare when a group of people paid to work together actually get along.

6. We have a great set of DDs in our developers cave. And I’m referring to our awesome rails guys Deepak and Devottam.

7. Business casual and B-school backpacks are frowned upon. (Sorry Ramy.)

8. Korean food! Being around the corner from KTown, we’re all just days away from cookin’ up bonchon in our sleep.

9. We never get sick (ok well not never), but with a kitchen stocked with a surplus of vitamins and our daily push up set, we’re quite a healthy bunch.

10. We have a single minded focus: to help people change the relationship they have with their money. And that’s a pretty awesome task to tackle.

Written by Julianna, sometimes referred to as JY and often praised for her rendition of Call Me Maybe. Follow her musings at @jbatistaa.

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