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Moven is thrilled to announce we will be working with Carrie Birgbauer of NY Money Coach, an educator and certified holistic money coach! Carrie will be supporting our Live Spend and Spend Smart contest and providing money coaching consultations to our winners. Carrie is an accomplished money coach whose feedback and insights have been invaluable to Moven.

In a recent interview with Carrie, she shared her passion for financial wellness and how she’s mastered her practice over the years.


What inspired you to become a money coach? 
Carrie: My own journey as a money coaching client inspired me to become a coach.  The process was deeply transformative for me – I went from zero financial skills and total overwhelm to feeling strong, confident and empowered around money, plus I doubled my income the first year after learning how to create flexible monthly and annual spending plans.


How long have you been a money coach and what types of clients do you typically work with?

Carrie: I’ve been a certified money coach for 4 years and an educator for 17 years.  I typically work with process-oriented professionals who want to master the art of personal finance as the path to fulfilling their deepest goals and desires.  I work with individuals and couples, celebrities and everyday people, who want to create a healthy and sustainable relationship with money. Money coaching is particularly effective for people who want to increase their consciousness about money, have come into sudden money or are in transition: moving in, changing careers, getting married, getting divorced, or having a baby.


What is the most important piece of financial advice you’ve ever given?
Carrie: It’s not about the money.  Happiness, earning potential, lifestyle choices, fulfilling relationships and success have very little to do with bank account balances. Financial well-being is an inside job and can be cultivated in anyone with curiosity and an open mind.


What are the three things everyone should be paying attention to as it relates to their money?

Carrie: Pay your credit cards off in full on the 30th of every month – this is essential for capturing and managing each month’s spending. How you relate with money is how you relate with life. A monthly budget is sustainable only if you include an average of your periodic (anticipated non-monthly) expenses.


How will you live rich and spend smart this year?

Carrie: I live rich by practicing gratitude and seeing all of the gifts in my life. I tell my loved ones why I love and appreciate them. I share with my clients what a pleasure and honor it is to work with them and I take time to breathe deeply. I plan to spend smart with financial wellness and accountability tools like a cash tracking app, Moven and the Money Minder. I use a proactive planning method for my spending, saving and earning and then stay connected to my money on a daily basis to see how I’m doing. Forward planning is much more effective that rearview mirror accounting at the end of the month – this way there is time throughout the month and year to make any necessary changes.




Carrie Birgbauer, MA, CYI

NY Money Coach



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