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#MovenAroundTheGlobe: Prague


Hello Readers,

My name is Taylor May and I am another member of the Moven Enterprise team! Morten is rested up and currently on his way to another interesting destination (post to come soon). Meanwhile, the rest of the team is also out and about… so we figured we would keep this series going.

Andrew, our VP APAC, and myself are busy, busy, busy. FinovateAsia is coming up in a just few weeks and I’m currently travelling back from a conference in Prague, Czech Republic. At the event, titled 2nd Annual Innovations on Banking CEE, I spoke about the current state of partnerships in the industry and explained how Moven fit into that picture. (On that note, if you’re looking for a committed and fast-moving partner to collaborate with your institution on upcoming financial wellness initiatives, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.)

Overall, It was a great event and my thanks go out to the organizers for bringing together such a diverse group. It was fascinating to listen to my fellow presenters as they covered everything from creating a culture that embraces innovation to explaining how to open up an account using real time video chat with a bank representative. From my experience and subsequent follow ups, I have noticed that the region as a whole is making great strides to embrace new technologies and partnerships are already a part of that ecosystem.

The Garanti Bank presentation was a real highlight! I have never seen a room full of bankers burst out laughing… check out the video they shared here:

I hope you enjoyed my insights. Stay tuned for the next post from the Moven Enterprise team coming soon!

Until next time,

Taylor May Woolsey

Business Development & Marketing
Moven Enterprise

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