Supporting Your Financial Wellness


Moven is a company whose mission is to help you improve your financial health.   Our free debit card and mobile app give you instant feedback with every purchase you make.  Because managing your money should be as easy as spending it.

But the greatest asset that you have entrusted to us is not your money, but your future.  To honor that trust Moven has made the following commitment.

1.Do No Harm

Your financial health always comes first. While other companies profit off your mistakes, we will only be rewarded when you do well. Our intentions and fees will always be clear and transparent.

2. Prevention Before Cure

You should always have the information you need to make smarter decisions. Money is about managing choices, surprises, and unexpected events. We will always do our best to help you be prepared.

3. Care for the Community

It’s not about having more, but about living better. Being financially healthy means giving more to family, friends, and our community. Confidence is contagious and we want to inspire positive change for all.

You should always feel connected to your money, know where you stand, and know how your day to day spending impacts your financial health.  To join this movement simply sign up at Moven or download the iPhone or Android app.

Updated March 19, 2014

i heart my job
People Before Profits.
  • You are the only company that I am aware of that believes in this philosophy,let me just say to you and your staff,co-workers & employees,associates,Thank you,Jeff.

  • This almost seems to good to be true; I signed up yesterday, can’t wait to try it out. I’ve been researching prepaid cards without monthly fees. It’s nearly impossible to find one that doesn’t charge fees for regular transactions (ATM withdraw, balance inquiry, cash back, etc). I’m so glad I came across this company. I have high hopes it’ll be the best decision I’ve made in regards to my financial future & well being.
    Thanks Moven!

  • What Lana B said its nearly impossible finding an institution like MOVEN. At first I wasn’t so sure I felt a little skeptical but I took the risk and I’ve been happy with you guys. Always respond to the questions I’ve had wether they were irrelevant or not you guys have always been great.

    Thanks Moven Squad

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