No one cares about your idea


We all think our ideas are godsends.

You have that ‘Ah Ha’ moment when it all makes sense and you’ve figured out a way to change the world and you’re on your way to a billion dollar business or winning the Noble Prize. You then launch your idea out to the world and no one uses it. Ok, maybe 100 people do. “How is everyone not clamoring on to this awesomeness I created?!?!” you ask yourself. “There must be something wrong with them. They’re not getting it.”

Wrong. No one cares about your idea because you created it in a vacuum and didn’t ask your customers if they need your product or service or how it fits into their lives. You thought you brought genius to the world – and while it may be genius – if you don’t speak to the people who will be using it how can you ever be certain your genius is something they need or want?

That’s why I believe all ideas are just a series of experiments that shape and evolve into a brilliant idea. There may be brilliance at its inception, but, just as a molecule requires a reagent for a chemical reaction, your idea too needs others and their energy and input to develop and evolve.

Hence we created Chemistry Set: a lab and playground for us to create experiments and get users to test out our ideas. It’s a means for us to connect and diffuse our energy with our users and future customers and create something truly valuable.

We’re going to spend hours upon hours observing behaviors and analyzing patterns, sitting with users and watching them play with designs in context (in context being the key!), inquiring about pain points and generating new hypotheses we never would have concepted within the 4 walls of our office.

Chemistry Set will be sessions held in Silicon Alley in NYC and virtually with anyone across the world. Sessions will be conducted by anyone and everyone on the Movenbank team – with our totally awesome Product and UX peeps or with our Office Manager (who is equally as awesome) or with one of our Founders (also awesome). You really never know who you might get.

We’re amped to launch this endeavor and ready to roll up our white lab coat sleeves to make sure we build a product that you care about. So let’s go get our hands dirty together. Who’s in?


Written by the fabulous Julianna Young, Head of Behavior Design at Movenbank. She’s super so follow her at @jbatistaa.

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