Recipe for changing the world


Have an idea you believe in that solves a big problem? It all starts with an idea and a passion to solve a problem. Then it’s a game of hard work and force of will to make it come alive.


For Movenbank, the central idea is re-connecting everyday consumers with their money. For us, it’s about solving an everyday problem – consumers have lost touch with their everyday finances. Cards, and plastic in general, have made money abstract. Abstract has led to lack of context. Lack of context has led to uninformed and poor everyday decisions. Poor decisions lead to frustration and more.

The team at Movenbank want people to be delighted and happy. Mobile banking, mobile payments and a new kind of customer engagement for retail banking is our way of making this happen. If it was just about making a payment with your phone, it would be hard to motivate the team to get up in the morning.

Having a purpose…maybe even a bold one…is what it’s all about.


Purpose driven vision + passionate people who share that vision = double, double, good, good.

The team. It’s important. It’s worth saying twice. The team.

Shared vision. It’s important. It’s worth saying twice. Shared vision.

The two combined are essential and mandatory. If you have a rock star team that doesn’t share a common vision, then you really don’t have anything. If you have both, you have everything.

At Movenbank, we have both. Not by luck. But by purposeful design. I honestly believe that at most companies, you have to manage the heck out of people to get even 30% of their potential value. Not 30% “utilization”. 30% of “potential value”. In all honesty, you’re lucky if you get 20%. Even if you write big fat checks. If you have a team that believes, it all changes. It becomes about managing endless creative energy and passion into something awesome and cohesive.

“Purpose driven idea + passionate people who share that idea” allows you to have people with vastly different life experiences, backgrounds, and skill sets to come together and produce something that’s well beyond the sum of its parts. Some days, you can actually “feel” it moving things. And that feeling is awesome.


Not just any kind of money. Smart money. For a startup, you’d think that any kind of money is nice. This is partly true. Any kind of money will help a great team with a great idea build things. But just any kind of money won’t necessarily help you change the world.

Smart money sees the future with you, not just the potential return on that future. Smart money is also purpose driven. Smart money is just as passionate as you are. Smart money also wants to change the world and has the resources and network to do so. “Just any kind of money” is like turning a gas stove that’s already burning up a notch. You’ll get heat but it still might not be enough to boil water. “Smart money” is like letting that gas stove run for an hour and then…lighting a match. This purpose is not to boil water. It’s to make things explode.


When it’s all said and done… just freakin’ deliver. Big ideas are nothing. In fact, they can be quite frustrating. Big ideas that just sit there actually irritate the heck out of me. To me, it’s about as irritating as watching someone continuously jump on a balloon that never pops. All tension and no release. It’s especially irritating because there is so much potential. You actually put your hands over your ears awaiting the big bang and…nothing.

At Movenbank, we’re about big ideas…delivered. We’re about executing lean. We’re about getting ideas and experiences out there. It’s not about a big bang. It’s about delivering daily. We’re mindful of taking steps, and we’re methodical about the steps we take. Sometimes we take leaps. But mostly, we take steps. We just take them fast and without fear.

Written by Alex Sion, Movenbank’s President and Managing Director.

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