The trick to having money for retirement is the same as the trick for obtaining wealth. Learn to make your money work for you instead of you working for your money. That means initially there may be some tough decisions on what you can / can’t have. But once you have your basic nest egg, it’s not that hard to make it grow.

1) Use Dividend Stocks with dividend reinvestment
2) Have a comfortable balance between risk and non-risk stuff.
3) minimize debt – nothing is worth paying interest on borrowed money.
4) Diversify your holdings – there is always a bull market somewhere. Don’t be a sucker to today’s hot sector.
5) Know your investments
6) Don’t let fear cause you to do stupid things. I have a lot of friends that moved their 401K into bonds in 2009 because they were afraid of the market implosion. Pity – they have missed out on one of the largest market rises in a long time, and their bond funds have been mostly flat since 2009.
7) Know the difference between wants and needs. Never buy a want on credit.