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There’s nothing as fulfilling as being able to do something that truly makes you happy.  Whether it’s buying the latest must have gadget or dining out at the newest trendy restaurant, we all have an indulgence that is guaranteed to put a big smile on our face.

But that smile can quickly become a frown when we get carried away.  Have you ever had to spend the rest of the month subsisting on Ramen and turning down invitations to social events because of an ill-timed indulgence or a purchase that just went a little too far?

It’s never a great feeling when we realize that our indulgence may have come at too high a cost.  Suddenly what should have been a blissful experience is now overwhelmed by guilt and regret.

Fortunately, many of us learn this painful lesson early on in our money experiences and devise ways to restrain ourselves.  Some of us hold off until the end of the month when all the important stuff has been paid off, while others give themselves a mental limit (no more than 5 song downloads a week!) to keep everything in check.

But all that may be in jeopardy now that ApplePay is on the horizon.

In fact, we at Moven believe that there will soon be a virtual pandemic of guilt-filled purchases.  When buying something becomes as easy as walking into a store, tapping your phone and walking out, it will be vastly easier for all of us to lose context and indulge too often.

It’s like when you first signed up for iTunes or Amazon one click and got that sticker shock when you saw your first month’s statement.  “I downloaded how many songs last month!!?  I bought how many items off my wish list?!!!”

Now don’t get us wrong.  We believe that everyday indulgences are what make life worth living and we certainly don’t advocate swearing off those things that truly make you happy.  But an indulgence can’t be fully enjoyed if it’s followed with guilt and regret.

That’s why we believe that the happiest people are those who indulge responsibly. We created our Spending Meter and Instant Receipt for just this reason.  By simply looking at your Moven app, you can easily figure out how much you can spend on what makes you happy.  And with the Instant Receipt you get with every purchase, you always know how much you’ve spent on Dining Out or Shopping or whatever it is that makes you smile.

Let us know your thoughts on whether ApplePay will make it easier or harder to indulge responsibly.  Send us a tweet @getMoven.  Or if you happen to know someone who would benefit from just a tiny bit of restraint, share this short video we put together.

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