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10 Reasons Why Experiences Trump Having More Stuff


Achieving financial independence and being smart with your money is all about making sacrifices.  Most of us aren’t millionaires so we know that we have to prioritize certain needs and wants.  What one person prioritizes though might be completely different than another person.  Living life to its fullest can get expensive pretty fast so it’s important to know how to spend your money wisely. Keep reading


Making a Life Instead of a Living


This is a guest post by Lou Carlozo

Certain things in life you can’t control, and other things you can. This lesson hit me harder than a line drive foul ball Monday as I sat at the Wrigley Field home opener, watching the Cubs botch another game. When your starting pitcher walks in a run to a .143 hitter in the first inning, you know you’re in for a long day.

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